This Beautiful Planet

Climate change is the greatest threat facing our planet today. Our failure to act over the last 40 years …. means that we may already be beyond the point of no return. We are not just at the edge. We are well over the precipice.

Do Not Be Afraid

In June I was asked to record a short message to churches as we looked ahead to a time when the ‘clapping had stopped’ and the move out of lockdown was happening. It was a call to seek to live and love in frightening times.

Build Back With

I am passionate about the need for us to build back better from the catastrophe of COVID19. To do so effectively, we must build back with those who have been marginalised in the past.

The Politics of Proximity

People often tell me that there is not enough compassion in today’s society. I’m not sure that they are right. I think the problem is proximity.

Humble Leadership

Amidst the apparent dearth of global leadership painfully on display during this pandemic, different models are surfacing from the edge.