The Art of Hosting

In the second of a series of short articles about leadership, written for Life & Work (the magazine of the Church of Scotland), I reflect on how we need more hosts and a lot less heroes. And more than a passing nod to my Mum who embodied this so well.

Beginning with Stillness

In the first of a series of articles about leadership written for Life & Work – the magazine of the Church of Scotland – I reflect on how, in the midst of the pull towards frenzied activity, we need to begin in stillness.

The Cold Myth of Warm Banks

Talk of warm banks leaves me cold! Don’t get me wrong. The plight faced by the millions who are having to choose between eating and heating is appalling and shocking. It should shame us all in what remains one of the richest nations in the world. We need to find ways to respond. But warm banks! Really?

A Lament for the Poorest and the Planet.

In the run up to COP26 the scientists told us that this was ‘Code Red’ for humanity. But, tragically, we appear to have missed the message. Whilst progress has been made it is neither enough nor fast enough.

Tourists and Vagabonds

To reimagine the world today into the world of tomorrow as it should be, we need to enable the global transfer of wisdom amongst those so often excluded but who have so much to share.

Trust. Food Poverty’s Missing Ingredient.

I am fed up hearing people in this country talk about food poverty. While there are food deserts, and too many places where good quality food is too expensive and not accessible, there is not a shortage of food. For too many people, however, there is a shortage of money. And there is an acute shortage of trust.